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24/7/365 Live Support and Commitment 
Stop missing important calls, provide better service, and increase customer care.

We extend beyond the conventional role of a funeral home answering service; we are a specialized answering service designed exclusively for funeral directors, surpassing mere phone answering tasks. Our team ensures compassionate interactions for every family reaching out to you. We specialize in communication, providing integrated engagement solutions. We take pleasure in elevating the experience for your callers and facilitating smoother business management.

Our commitment is unwavering in supporting you and your staff, offering an unparalleled level of care not found elsewhere. Our empathetic team of care agents is dedicated to seizing every opportunity to provide a sympathetic ear and assistance.

Our comprehensive support encompasses various call handling services, including:

Immediate Response:

Ensuring prompt answers to calls, providing immediate support to grieving families.

Notification to Funeral Home:

Relaying pertinent information to the funeral home staff for further assistance.

Compassionate Interaction:

Delivering empathetic responses, expressing condolences, and understanding the needs of the bereaved.

Scheduling Consultations:

Assisting in scheduling consultations for funeral planning, viewings, and other arrangements.

Information Gathering:

Collecting essential details such as the deceased person's name, location, cause of death, and family contact information.

Verification of Details:

Ensuring accuracy by verifying details with the family for the funeral home's records.

Documentation of Wishes:

Documenting the family's initial preferences regarding funeral services, burial or cremation, and any specific requests.

Addressing Urgent Matters:

Identifying and addressing urgent matters or special considerations requiring immediate attention.

Providing Information:

Offering details about the funeral home's services, pricing, and available options for informed decision-making.

Handling Pre-Arrangement Inquiries:

Assisting with inquiries related to pre-arranged funeral services and updating records as needed.

Coordination with Additional Services:

Coordinating with other service providers, such as florists or clergy, based on the family's preferences.

HIPAA Compliance:

Ensuring adherence to HIPAA regulations for privacy and security in all communication and information handling.

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