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24/7/365 Live Support and Commitment 

Stop missing important calls, provide better service, and increase customer care.

We are much more than just a funeral home answering service. We are a dedicated answering service for funeral directors that goes above and beyond basic phone answering. Our team provides compassionate encounters for every family that calls you. We are specialists in communication that create engagement solutions that are fully integrated. We enjoy helping to enhance the experience for your callers, and helping you to manage your business easier. 

We are committed to supporting you and your staff by offering an incredible level of care that you won't find elsewhere. Our compassionate team of care agents never miss an opportunity to lend a kind ear and a helping hand.


                              A Customized & Unique Approach 

We understand that First Calls should receive special consideration in the way that they are handled, and we will escalate these calls based on your personalized needs. We can also prioritize less critical calls that come in after hours to help your attention remain on point with more critical type calls. 




Live Transfer (Call Patching)

What's the difference between Live Transfer and Call Patching? 
We offer outstanding and affordable Call Patching and Live Transfer services to a variety of clients of all different sizes. Choosing between Call Patching and Life Transfer depends on your particular call handling needs, however both types of services can be used on any account. Which service does your business need? 

Live Transfer 

Live Transfer services enable us to act as a live switchboard for our clients. With Live Transfer, our experienced care agents answer the phone and ask the caller what extension, person, or department they need. Next, the care agent transfers the caller to the location immediately without fanfare or questioning. Live Transfer is a straightforward process, and the caller is put in touch immediately with the person or department they are trying to reach. Call patching, on the other hand, makes callers feel like they are being personally assisted. 

Call Patching 

Call Patching is similar to Live Transfer but is a more involved process. With Call Patching, our care agents ask callers a few questions to learn a bit more about them, and what their needs are. Care agents are able to screen calls and prevent confusion or problematic callers from getting through. The screening process also ensures that your callers are reaching the correct destination and getting in touch with the right personnel. As part of our Call Patching services, our care agents can keep callers on hold while we call the account contact to determine if the call should be patched or if a message should be taken.  

Basic Message Taking Services

With our Basic Message Taking Services, our trained and professional staff will ensure that callers are greeted in your company name by a courteous and helpful voice. Our care agents will also guarantee messages are taken accurately and promptly delivered.

Step One:

Our helpful and friendly care agents will answer calls in your company name. 

We understand how crucial it is that this part of the process is customized for each business and their caller's specific needs. Therefore, initial greetings are personalized to our clients and what their callers expect. 

Step Two: 

Gather the information required from the caller. 

Our clients specify what information they want from their callers. This step helps to screen out any problematic or unwanted calls while also ensuring that the process is aligned to our clients' business model. By collecting only specific information we help protect our clients' time and resources. 

Step Three: 

Deliver the message. 

Last but not least, we will deliver the callers message. For added convenience and customization, we will deliver the message to the destination of our clients choice. This destination can be a company phone, a specific email address, a text message or a pager. Clients aren't limited to just a single destination either. Choose multiple platforms for delivery, or go online to our secure website portal to retrieve messages. 


We partner with businesses in the Deathcare profession, and our Funeral Home Answering Service is ideal for organizations with specialties like these below: 


  • Message Delivery and Priority 

  • Safe and Secure Online Portal 

  • Call Patching and Live Transfer 

  • First Call transfer to third party 

  • 24 Hour Live Coverage 

  • Full Customization 

  • Account Management and Support 

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