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Phone Operator

About Us

Since 1976 we have partnered with funeral homes nationwide to deliver high quality answering service to the funeral industry. At our company, we provide a range of services to meet each client’s needs, and assure that top quality service is provided for each and every call. We work to tailor our services to each funeral home’s requirements–be they big or small. 

At TCB, we strive to offer the utmost quality on every call, and know that each funeral client is distinct and valuable. As a client you can trust that both you and your funeral home’s families will receive the highest level of service–on every call. We continually strive to offer outstanding service to each and every client, backed by years of experience in the industry. We understand the intricacies of funerary service and have created a reliable and personalized service to meet the needs of your business and families

Our Values
Integrity and accountability are at the core of our values. This is the standard by which we hold our employees.
- Provide outstanding service
- Act with integrity and honesty
- Responsible and accountable
- Respect and care about eachother​
Our Staff
For decades TCB has been forming a team of experienced agents. Our representatives have been highly trained in funeral home operations, with a deep passion for providing loved ones with professional service. At TCB we strive to show empathy over the phones. Each representative goes through a vigorous 6 month training process before answering calls on their own. This ensures quality of service during a sensitive time.
Our Facilities

Located on the beautiful Oregon Coast our facilities offer the latest in call center technology ensuring the highest quality service for callers and your staff. 

Backed by more than thirty phone carriers, three independant network providers,  redundant servers, and power we can confidently say that our facilites are here and ready to serve your callers 24/7.

Our Community
TCB has always had strong roots in the community, working with a variety of non-profits, social services and community events.  As our company has continued to grow we’ve made sure to continue this tradition of local involvment.  We pride ourselves on serving not just our clients well, but also being community partners.  
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