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How does your service work? 

Each account is equipped with either a local or nationwide toll-free number, which can be dialed directly (suitable for client advertising) or forwarded from the client's existing business line(s). In some cases, clients may opt for a dual approach, forwarding office lines for our response and simultaneously promoting the provided number through various channels such as websites, postcards, etc.

Customized accounts are meticulously constructed and configured based on precise specifications. Calls are answered using a client-selected response phrase and are processed in accordance with the client's instructions. Different call types may undergo distinct processing procedures; for instance, new sales and support calls might follow different protocols than general inquiries. In such instances, a client's account screen may contain specific instructions, directing agents to refer to page 2 for support calls and page 3 for new sales calls. Each page provides detailed guidance on processing the specified call type.

In the case of support calls, an agent may be directed to email information to five separate email addresses, while for a sales call, instructions may involve collecting specific details and connecting the caller to a salesperson.

Various combinations of delivery methods are available for any call type. For instance, certain calls may require both an email and a text message, while others may be held until a scheduled email or fax summary is dispatched in the morning. Alternatively, specific call types may entail providing information to callers, such as presenting upsell details while an agent follows a script. At times, agents may simply relay information, including business addresses, directions to the nearest location, or details about the services offered.

These examples represent only a fraction of the services offered and their corresponding functionalities. A more extensive list can be found on this website.

How do you charge? 

Our call center imposes a modest base rate per billing cycle, akin to an access fee. This base rate ensures round-the-clock access to our agents. Importantly, this low base rate is the sole commitment required, and beyond that, clients have the flexibility to purchase "call packages" offering a specified number of calls each month.

Since all usage is billed retrospectively, clients have the freedom to adjust their rate plan size as necessary. This allows for seamless adaptation to changing needs and ensures optimal flexibility in managing call center services.

How will you know how to answer the phone for my business? 

As part of our setup procedure, we request specific details about products, services, and general business information. This encompasses, but is not confined to, company address, phone and fax numbers, website address, and directions to locations. Clients have the option to portray our agent as the office receptionist if desired. Any information clients wish us to convey can be provided, spanning from pricing details and FAQs to emergency contacts. Agents swiftly gain familiarity with the business by responding to calls, and the speed of their learning is influenced by the account's activity level and the duration of the client's association with our answering service.

How can I be assured that friendly, intelligent people will answer my calls? 

Our recruitment and training approaches ensure that proficient agents handle your calls. Prospective agents undergo a comprehensive battery of computerized tests to assess cognitive and physical skills, including typing speed, spelling, grammar, and comprehension. Once the top candidates are identified, they proceed to our interview process, emphasizing communication skills and a positive attitude. We actively seek individuals with a "can do" mentality and energetic agents who align with our company's commitment to quality and friendly service.

Upon completing the interview process, agents enter our training program, where they gain knowledge about our company, clients, and software and hardware systems. Successful completion of training courses is a prerequisite before agents transition to the call center floor, where they undergo supervised work with experienced agents for several weeks before handling calls independently. Our agents consistently answer and conclude calls with a positive demeanor. Through rigorous selection criteria and comprehensive training programs, we ensure that our agents stand out as industry leaders.

Is privacy important to you? Will mine and my clients information be protected? 

Certainly, our answering service places a paramount emphasis on privacy. Every employee is required to sign a confidentiality agreement that remains binding indefinitely. Our call center is equipped with cutting-edge data encryption and firewall technologies to safeguard the integrity and security of our network. We adhere to the highest standard of customer data and information protection.

How soon can I be up and running with your service? 

Enrolling is a simple process that can be accomplished online within a few minutes. Upon registration, you will be promptly assigned an account manager. Your account manager will reach out to you, usually on the same day or the following business day, to furnish new account details and arrange an onboarding meeting. During this meeting, they can address any additional queries you may have. Subsequently, most accounts are prepared for live calls within 24-48 hours, contingent on the complexity and any required agent training.

Do I have to sign a long term contract? 

No, the initial contract period is 30 days. 30 days written notice is required to cancel. 

Is there a setup fee to start my account? 

NO! We have waived all set up fees. 

How can I pay? 

All clients are required to set up ACH or credit card auto payment, unless they are a government entity. 

How do I sign up? 
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